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... just one more benefit of your IIA membership
As much as The Institute of Internal Auditors is about ideas and products, more than anything it's about people. To help you connect with your colleagues, The IIA is pleased to offer you an exciting new networking tool - Member Exchange (ME). This service, available exclusively to IIA members, helps facilitate connections between all members of our community.

What Can I do With Member Exchange?

    • Certification — Discuss test preparation suggestions for the CIA®, CFSA, CCSA and CGAP examinations


    • Career Ladder — Network with other members to obtain training and professional development suggestions to assist you in your career growth.


    • Connect with Other Members — Attend a local chapter meeting when you travel.


    • “Day-to-day” Problem Solving — Get answers from industry professionals on common audit issues affecting you today.


    • Best Practices — Obtain best practice advice from industry professionals.


How Does Member Exchange Work?
Upon logging in, you will be asked to review your profile, answer a series of questions, and complete an interactive menu that allows you to rank interests and words to describe yourself. You will then be plugged into a searchable, sortable universe of your IIA peers. You can match up with colleagues who share your interests, challenges or concerns. Using an intuitive "push-pin" interface, Member Exchange allows you to instantly visually identify fellow IIA members and how your common interests and needs coincide with theirs. You can send messages, upload documents, and begin making connections in a matter of minutes!

What Makes Member Exchange Different?
In our tech-savvy society, programs and Web sites similar to Member Exchange are becoming increasingly popular. Member Exchange, however, is one of the few sites that allows you to connect dynamically with other members of the internal audit community. Rather than joining static groups and making connections to others by initiating a link, Member Exchange gives you an instant visual of how members of the community relate to and intersect with your professional interests. The push-pin screen shows how other members' similarities and dfferences intersect by placing their "pins" closer or further away from your own. From this screen, you can narrow the results yet further. Want to find a chapter leader who is interested in taking the CIA, lives in Chicago, and speaks French as their primary language to form a CIA study group with? It's possible on Member Exchange!

The definition of networking hasn't changed, but how we do it has. Member Exchange, the no-cost online global networking tool, is ready to help you take your IIA experience even further. Just another way The IIA is enhancing your membership experience.

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